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  • Darrell Fraser WOW Creative Design Studio Fashion Commercial Portrait Photographer George Western Cape Styled Commercial Photoshoot with Donna

    Styled Commercial Photoshoot with Donna Content Creation for a Beauty Blogger A collaboration and commissioned project for a new beauty blogger who’s target market is young ladies between the ages of 18 and 28. Shot in my studio and post production, editing and beauty retouching all done by myself. I would love to collaborate with […]

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  • Darrell Fraser WOW Studio POP Art from Photo Services What I did during Lockdown

    LOCKDOWN Attempts To Stay Sane! It's been a difficult time for South African small businesses, and I certainly feel the repercussions. If you are a small business or a one man business, let's connect and try and keep each other alive financially somehow. I have researched and researched and applied and begged and applied again [...] Continue Reading
  • Photo Editing and Retouching

    Photo Editing and Retouching Services Quality photography, pictures and graphics are as important as the written message. I have been providing professional Photo Editing and Retouching Services since 2002, I have worked on Wedding batch photos, editorial spreads to product photography retouching and optimising. I am capable of handling all levels of photo editing and [...] Continue Reading