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  • Darrell Fraser WOW Studio POP Art from Photo Services What I did during Lockdown

    LOCKDOWN Attempts To Stay Sane! It's been a difficult time for South African small businesses, and I certainly feel the repercussions. If you are a small business or a one man business, let's connect and try and keep each other alive financially somehow. I have researched and researched and applied and begged and applied again [...] Continue Reading
  • Photo Editing and Retouching

    Photo Editing and Retouching Services Quality photography, pictures and graphics are as important as the written message. I have been providing professional Photo Editing and Retouching Services since 2002, I have worked on Wedding batch photos, editorial spreads to product photography retouching and optimising. I am capable of handling all levels of photo editing and [...] Continue Reading
  • Wall Banner Design for Nedine Blom by WOW Studio Nedine Blom

    Creative Project in Collaboration with Nedine Blom This was a Super Cool project we did for Nedine Blom. From a studio photoshoot, to photo retouching and the rest of the creative process. Continue Reading