Photo Editing Services
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Photo Editing Services – Edited by Artists …
for Artsits!

We are a collective of artists who specialize in photo editing and color correction. Our office is owned by International Award Winning Photographer Darrell Fraser and our mission is to bring your RAW images to life and create wedding galleries that your clients will love. We are dedicated to getting to know your personal style whether you’ve spent years developing it or you want help finding your own visual stamp and voice. Our work isn’t finished until you feel the gallery you’ve sent us is ready to deliver.

We have officially started a new website dedicated to our retouching and editing services for photographers … RETOUCHERS.CO.ZA!

We are well known for our professionalism and preciseness when it comes to editing because we use only the best equipment and software for every project!

As a photographer myself I immersed myself into learning the art of beauty image retouching. Developing a non-destructive editing workflow that I know when I print an image I will be beyond happy with the results. You put so much hard work into building and maintaining your brand as someone who recognises that hard work and I know how important it is that my edits match your style and stay consistent with your brand.

Helping photographers gain their time back and joy while focusing on their business and goals.

As your private photo editors, our promise to you … No more long nights editing, criticizing your work and feeling burnt out! You’ll gain trust and confidence in us and get back those long day/nights you starred at a computer screen criticizing your edits.

  • We have a passion for serving professionals that tell a story in their work
  • Working together we will have a trusting and fun relationship together!
  • We will edit and deliver images that perfectly match your brand and editing style.
  • Your clients will be thrilled with speedy delivery!
  • Boutique Private Photo Editor for Photographers, Photo Editor Educator & Business Coach

    Photo Editing Services
    Photo Editing Services
    Darrell Fraser Photo Retouching and Editing Services WOW Studio

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    • Macus Mackier

      Hi, hope you are well.

      I’m a photographer and retoucher but I enjoy the retouching way more than taking the actual pictures. I love your website and wanted to know if you need more retouchers or if you have tips for someone that wants to start being a freelance retoucher. Would appreciate a reply.


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