Corporate Event Photography

By Darrell Fraser and the WOW Studio Team

Thank you Marlize for the opportunity to work with you on the poster designs, invitation designs and event photography. This company truly looks after their staff, with amazing awards and a rock and roll party that shows their appreciation for their staff’s commitment and dedication throughout the year.

Staff were entertained with MC / Comedian Tapelo Tips and the Flash Mob dancers.

wow studio corporate event designs WOW Studio Event Photography and Designs 6M2B0251 6M2B0322 6M2B0368 6M2B0402 6M2B0415 6M2B0500 6M2B0511 6M2B0523 6M2B0631 6M2B0633 6M2B0638 6M2B0650 6M2B0681 6M2B0692 6M2B0815 6M2B0837 6M2B0841

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