Real Estate Photographer Prices and Rates

Darrell Fraser Architecture Photographer Pretoria Boardwalk Manor Estate


Starting from R1,200 per hour for a small apartment to R2,500* for a large house

R200 additional for twilight photography

Travel cost optional depending on location and services selected

Quick 48 hour turnaround time

*Additional cost may apply if property has more than 5 bedrooms

Price Per Hour


Decluttering, Virtual Staging & Retouching

For all editing back in the office we charge the same rate and it’s simply a matter of how long each photo takes that determines the eventual price. A well taken photo can take 30 seconds, a multiple-exposure shot maybe 2-3 minutes, and decluttering or complex virtual staging can take from 30 minutes and up to even two hours.

Price Per Hour


Darrell Fraser WOW Studio Real Estate Photography
Darrell Fraser WOW Studio Real Estate Photography


We charge standard AA rates for travel to and from a location; this does however fluctuate with the petrol price. While it may seem high to you, remember that there is no compensation for the time spent travelling.

If we do need to travel incredibly far (outside the Western Cape or Gauteng) please ask for a custom quote, as we would then more than likely need to include accommodation and flights.

Price Per Kilometre

R5,88 – R6,91

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