Retainer Services Options

Looking for an in-house Graphic Designer, but don’t have the amount of work or funds to justify a full time employee?  I’m now offering freelance retainer agreement options!  Choose the number of hours you’d like to retain me for, on a monthly or weekly basis, and I’ll commit my time & talent to you, in exchange for a short-term retainer agreement.

B E N E F I T :

  1. Guaranteed amount of prioritized service time.  Retainer clients will be given a higher priority when it comes to projects.
  2. Discounted design rate.  Without a retainer, you will pay my normal hourly design rate.
  3. Instant in-house Creative Department without all the employee overhead expenses!  At your service whenever you need me, and no more per project costs.

H O W  I T  W O R K S :

  1. Choose the number of hours per week that you would like to use our services for.
  2. Pay in advance for those discounted hours, on a monthly basis (3, 6, 12 month contracts)
  3. Unused hours will accrue and roll over into the following month, as long as a contract is still in effect or renewed.
  4. This service includes all graphic design needs, web site design and updates, assistance with advertising and branding strategies, in house consultation, print coordination, brainstorming and creative direction.

Contact me for more information on pricing and agreement options!


What is included:

  • Guaranteed Weekly/Monthly services per task or blocks of reduced rate hours
  • Priority communication and access to our time, resources, and services.
  • Expedient attention and communication to get work done and in emergencies
  • Reduced rate emergency/immediate services, changes, or updates.
  • Anything discussed or agreed on between WOW Creative Design Studio and Client.
  • Telephone Consultations related to the project 
  • Priority access to us by email for questions, tutoring, research of possible solutions, etc.

What is NOT included:

  • Unlimited revisions unless otherwise discussed, agreed, and paid for.
  • Design, redesign, or development of a website unless otherwise discussed, agreed, and paid for.
  • Repairs, updates, or changes required to repair a third party or Clients errors or mistakes unless otherwise discussed, agreed, and paid for.
  • Consultation / Advice that is not included in the Scope of your Project
  • New Brand Identity: If you have more than one business and need us to create a new brand identity for a new business, then it will constitute as a new retainer for that particular business.
  • New Website Design: If you have more than one business and need us to design a new website, then it will constitute as a new retainer for that particular business.
  • Social Media Management: Excludes creation & management of pages, paid advertising on social media pages, posting of content and content calendars.
  • Hard Costs: Services do not include any additional hard costs such as stock photography purchases, web hosting purchases and printing costs.
  • Photography & Videography

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