Creative Director Darrell Fraser and the team from WOW Studio for our new business Pritty.!

Artists, Pattern Designers, and Teachers for Creatives

During the hard lockdown in 2020 I started a business with my sister and her daughter. As watercolour artists, we took the opportunity to start our new business … Pritty. yes it is Pritty fullstop!

We had a dream, and we made it happen. 2020 will forever be the toughest year with the Covid19 virus and the lockdown that crippled the country, but it also forced us to venture deeper into our talents. We are multi faceted artists and apply our original artwork onto our products, digital templates and also create seamless patterns that gets printed on all types of fabric. We work with the best suppliers in the country for our products as well as textile fabrics.

Custom Printed Products

We have a process for digitizing our hand painted watercolour artwork. Our professional photographer and creative director Darrell Fraser creates some amazing seamless patterns and digital assets for our products and fabric.

We are super proud and excited to showcase our kitchen range with our Lemon and Olive art. We hosted a tea party at Meade Cafe in George, Western Cape, and our guests raved about our table runners, place mats and aprons.

Plants provide us with an incredible colour palette with seasonal changes to foliage and unexpected colour combinations between stem, to leaf and flowers.

Our model and brand ambassador was responsible for this beautiful hand painted watercolour masterpiece. She is only 17 but so talented. Thank you Lumé Hamilton for your dedication and hard work.

For any enquiries, please contact us via email to

WOW Creative Design Studio and Pritty Lemon Tote Bag

Our Seamless Pattern designs for our Fabric Range

We deliver exclusive and original seamless pattern designs from our hand painted watercolour art.

We are showcasing our exclusive seamless pattern range all hand painted by our in-house artists. These patterns will in future only be available through us so for any enquiries on any of the designs on various fabric, please contact us directly.

Please note that the prices are estimates and will increase in 2022. Our fabric can be ordered at a minimum of x2 metres.

For any enquiries to collaborate, please contact us via email to

Photography: Darrell Fraser

Design: WOW Creative Design Studio for Pritty

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